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Call for Papers: the 6th International Cultural Administration Conference in July 2018, Beijing, China


Dear representatives of colleges, universities and organizations,

In order to promote international exchanges among Chinese and foreign cultural scholars, entrepreneurs, administrators, to create an international operation platform and to promote development in cultural management disciplines, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) is planning to organize the 6th International Cultural Administration Conference (July 2018, Beijing, China).


Participation matters concerned are notified as follows:


I. Conference Topics

(A) Central topic

Cultural Planning and Cultural Reform under Globalization.


(B) Sub-topics

1. International cultural planning;

2. International cultural policy and cultural strategy;

3. Culture law, regulations and international culture organization

4. International culture trade and culture industries management

5. Art economy and art management

6. Public culture service and administration

7. Culture economy and creative economy

8. Culture economy and leisure economy

9. International culture exchange and culture diplomacy

10. Culture and Leisure NGO

11. International cultural enterprises management

12. Investment and finance management of international cultural industries

13. Cultural economic geography and cultural industry organization

14. Cultural heritage and tourism management

15. Education of culture management

16. Other relevant topics


You are welcome to prepare conference papers on topics above. We will organize experts to conduct the selection for outstanding papers which will be published in our journal “Journal of International Cultural Administration”.


Papers should be submitted to gjwhglyj@163.com no later than May 31st, 2018. We will inform you whether it’s suitable for presentation or for publication.


II. Time and Agenda

(A) Time

July 14th, 2018 (Saturday)

(B) Location

UIBE Conference Room, No.10 Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

(C) Schedule


1. Opening ceremony

2. Address from leaders and honored guests; Awarding certificates

3. Keynote presentations and exchanges from honored guests


1. Keynote presentations and exchanges from honored guests

2. Parallel sessions for sub-topics


List of invited famous foreign scholar attendees (initial list, in alphabet order)

Professor Stephen Boyle (University of South Australia);

Professor Cihan Cobanoglu (University of South Florida);

Professor Fevzi Okumus (University of Central Florida);

Professor Gary Swanson (University of Central Florida);

Professor Jonathan Paquette(University of Ottawa)

Professor Carmen Reaiche(University of Adelaide)


III. Accommodation and Charges

(A) Conference Fee

The conference is free and open for all participants. You are welcome with or without paper submitted. We expect to create an international operation platform to promote development in cultural management disciplines, just come and share your ideas and researches.


We will distribute conferences-related material and offer free lunch and evening dinner for registered participants. So please register for sure thus we could prepare in advance.


(B) Accommodation

We can help foreign participants to book hotel room near the university, but the fees should be at your own expense. Usually these hotels could get paid via visa card or master card. Please contact us if you have such need.


(C) Registration

For international participants, please register on July 13th, 2018 (Friday), we have volunteers to help you get familiar with the campus.


IV. Instructions

Please confirm your attendance by fulfilling the following table and send it back to gjwhglyj@163.com. If you’d like to give a presentation or to get your research paper published in our journal “Journal of International Cultural Administration”, please also send your paper (abstract only, or full text) as attached in your email.

Meeting name

The 6th International Cultural Administration Conference·2018

Institution name




Postal code






Tel number


Whether need help foraccommodation?

Whether to do an oral presentation?

Whether to submit a paper?




























Please contact us freely for further information.

Thank you very much! We are looking forward to your attendance.

Best Regards


Preparatory Group for the 6th International Cultural Administration Conference 2018

School of Public Administration of UIBE

Research Center of Culture and Leisure Industry of UIBE