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Student Work

The student work of the School of Public Administration gives the priority to moral education, makes serving students the mission, and helps students become senior management talents with global vision, strong comprehensive capacity, solid specialty foundation, healthy personality and physique through ideology guidance, thoughts expansion, psychological counseling, academic guidance, team building, international education, career development, and so on. Graduates of our school mainly work in major fields, including foreign trade, customs, finance, culture, who make prominent contribution to the society development with their outstanding ability and professional literacy. Student work of our school mainly includes the following aspects:


²  Ideology Guidance

Help students establish the standard of value conforming to human social moral, and focus on cultivating students’ self-identification, external-recognition, and sense of social responsibility. Quality activities include: series activities commemorating “9th December Movement”, series activities of seeking “Public Administration Model” around you, and so on.


²  Thoughts Expansion

Train the thought, teach learning methods, and promote students to develop good learning habits. Fully excavate, explore the imagination and creativity of students, and improve students’ ability of self-learning, self-education and self-management. Quality activities include: series activities of “New Management Classes”, innovation and entrepreneurship salon and so on.


²  Psychological Counseling

The counseling and guidance of freshman adjustment, interpersonal conflicts, affective disturbance, self-development, employment psychology, and so on through the combination of group guidance and individual tutorial to help students clear psychology obstacles. Quality activities include: psychological knowledge competition, special psychology counseling, and so on.


²  Academic Guidance

Improve students’ cognitive ability and practical ability, encourage and arouse students to combine the efficient learning of knowledge with social practice. Integrate learning resources, improve learning environment, and cultivate the innovative ability of students. Quality activities include: counseling of minor in double degree, summer intern guidance, and research project guidance, and so on.


²  Team Building

The School of Public Administration includes party branch, youth league branch, sub-youth league committee, grade, class, sports team, interest group, and so on. The School is committed to cultivating the students’ leadership, organization and coordinating ability, and team work spirit. Quality activities include: Student Work Experience Exchange Meeting of Beijing universities, quality development, and so on.


²  International Education

The School highly values the cultivation of international vision of students and supports the study and intern of students in abroad, encourages the mutual assistance and communication of Chinese and foreign students. Quality activities include: Study Abroad Experiences Sharing Session, international volunteers, and so on.


²  Career Development


Launch career ability basic education and career planning tutorial to lower grade students; implement pre-employment guidance, internship and career information to higher grade students. Quality activities include: career path orientation, “timely rain” employment lecture, and so on.