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Notice for Public Administration International Academic Conference by UIBE in 2015

To enhance domestic and international academic cooperation and set an international academic platform for public administration so as to promote the development of public administration subject, School of Public Administration of UIBE will hold the Public Administration International Academic Conference on November 27. The conference issues are as followings:

ⅠConference Theme
Main Theme: The modernization of public administration system and management ability: International vision and China’s experience
Secondary themes:
1、Cultivation for public leadership and executive ability
2、Service oriented government theory and practice
3、Industrial management and administrative accountability
4、Administrative culture and administrative conflicts
5、Government performance evaluation and public service assessment
6、Social governance innovation and government system reform
7、Social network analyzation and public administration
8、Creative talents cultivation and incentive mechanism
9、Human resources management for universities
10、Education resources allocation and education fairness
11、Public culture service and management
12、Tax policy and China’s companies’ “going out”
13、Custom regime and customs administration

Conference theses related to all the above themes are welcomed. Organization committee will arrange thesis authors to make reports during the conference. And the committee will also recommend good theses to <Chinese Public Administration Review> magazine.

Ⅱ Time and Agenda
1、Date: November 27, 2015
2、Venue: not fixed
3、Agenda: Morning: Guests’ speech and keynote speech
Afternoon: Academic report and discussions
4、Fees: The organization Committee will pay for all the meals, and attendees have to pay for their accommodation and travels.

Ⅲ Contacts
Sun Zhe, Tele: 18310998360; Email 526387411@qq.com
Zhang Yongjie, Tele: 17888804991; Email yongjiezhang1992@163.com

Please send the receipt to 526387411@qq.com,and thesis to yongjiezhang1992@163.com. The deadline for applying to attend the conference is September 30, and the deadline for sending thesis is November 20.

July 6, 2015